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HVRL is committed to keep all our clients, customers, shareholders and stakeholders well informed about our services, any updates and constantly striving to maintain our position in the metal industry. We are widely open to any suggestions, solutions and feedback in order to become a leading global leader in this industry.

We have many exploration, mining and refining projects and would be happy to share or discuss to those interested investors. We encourage investors to come forward to investing in Uganda as it is a very peaceful country compared to other African countries with a large percentage of youth population, who are willing to learn, are honest and hardworking. Hence the labour market is very encouraging along with the temperate climate and seasons of Uganda making it a pleasant place to work in or set up a company.


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CEO Message to investor

From the first day we founded the company, our main goal has been to render all services in the industry,right from exploring, refining, assaying and setting up laboratory facilities in Uganda to all our clients. Not just concentrating on simple production and marketing activities but also chain of products with regard to precious metals. With my knowledge and experience gained through travelling vastly to various countries, having a good network of metallurgists, geologists and dealers have given the company an added advantage to grow as well. We are also happy to have a set of young,dynamic and enthusiatic employees who share the company's vision and mission.

-Anita Sundaram

Available Projects

1) Diamond cutting & polishing institute and unit - $10m

2) Gem cutting and polishing unit - $12m

3) Gold Refinery - $5m (excluding raw materials cost)

4) 100% African Branded Jewellery (Designing and Manufacturing Institute + unit) - $150-200m

5) Gem and Jewellery Trade center - $500m

* Every project discussed will be kept private and confidential . Only company emails (not personal) will be entertained.