About company


High Value Resources Limited was founded in 2017, and was set up with the vision to come out as the leading industry in the precious metals hub of Uganda. Over the upcoming years, the company wishes to grow its leadership position in the field of refining and recovery of precious metals, jewellery findings and manufacture and marketing of jewellery, coin and bullions. The company wishes to focus on refining platinum and various other metals such as titanium, copper, iron ore, tin, nickel,etc.The company wishes to be one of the leaders in the precious metals market in Uganda, we continually strive to meet and fulfill our customers high demands. Our strength lies in our people and in our continuing investments in future-oriented, environment friendly manufacturing facilities which are well suited to accomodate small and large orders.



Uganda lies within the African plate which is a continental crust. The mining industry in Uganda reached its peak levels in 50's and 60's when the sector accounted for upto 30% of Uganda's export earning. The period after 1986 has been marked by a favourable business climate in Uganda. Over the last ten years the sector has been growing positively with growth rates peaking to 19.4% in 2017. In 2010, the sector grew by 12.8 %.

Why Uganda?

Uganda enjoys a unique location in the sub-saharan region. The country is bordered by Sudan in the north,Kenya in the east,the United Republic of Tanzania in the south,Rwanda in the southwest and Democratic Republic of Congo in the west. This land linked region gives the country a strategic commanding base to be a regional hub for trade and investment. In 2013 Index of Economic Freedom ranked Uganda, the 8th freest economy out of the 46 Sub-Saharan African Countries.

directors & management

Anita Sundaram


Ms Sundaram was a jewellery designing faculty of VIFT-India, celebrity jewellery designer and Strategic Manager equipped with a Dip. in Gemology from G.I.I, Dip. in Polished Diamond Grading from I.G.I and Dip in Gold Appraisal from S.S.I. She has more than 23 years of experience in the Gem & Jewelry Industry and worked internationally in countries such as NZ and Dubai. She holds an MBA from Auckland University of Technology,NZ in Marketing and International Business, PG Dip.in Strategic Management from Waikato University, Hamilton, NZ.

Jae Kim


Studied Corporate Finance.  He spent his first three years as a mortgage banker. Then influenced by family’s previous diamond jewelry history, he entered the commodities industry and began actively trading diamonds. He traveled to different parts of Africa and Asia and has been recognized in establishing the very first internationally recognized diamond company, the Korea Diamond Exchange, which he has established as President and founder. He now owns a small diamond cutting factory in China and manages a bank branch in Atlanta, GA.

Avinash Rao


A Mechanical engineer and an MBA ( Business Economics) have hands-on experience in Diamond, Jewellery and high end laser systems for last 16 years. Managing factory polishing diamonds to setting up Jewellery factories in various countries around the world. Believes in the philosophy of ‘Love all, Serve all’ and ‘Help ever, Hurt never’.